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Kelley/Beechem Labs
- Advantages

You may wonder why you have ended up on a GemFactory website.

We own both companies and have found it easier to put our eggs in one basket!

Beechem Layout Fluid has a deep dull color which prevents eye strain or glare.  It has very little film strength which allows very precise scribe lines. It can be applied in a VERY thin layer and adds virtually no thickness to your work surface. It dries in a very short time. Many lock companies use it to color code the tumblers in their locks. If you know anything at all about locks, you'll know how thin a coating has to be so that the pins don't get stuck!  It contains no Xylene and it can be quickly removed with our Beechem Remover. Also, last but not least, it has a fairly decent odor compared to our competitor! It's great for the inspection of gear tooth contact.

You cannot order Layout Fluid or any Beechem/Kelley Labs products from the website right now.....we are working on that!

So, go ahead and call us at (231) 861-6257


fax us at (231) 861-6458  to place any orders.

If you need a printed price list...just 'drag' the picture price sheets to your desktop. 

Then just print the pictures! 

Pretty darn easy!

We enjoy all orders, even very small ones. 

Being in business since 1938, we realize that pennies add up to dollars. 

Don't be afraid to order one bottle!

We manufacture and bottle all of our products here in Shelby MI.

The bottles are made in the USA as are the daubers, and caps.

We appreciate your business!

Please buy USA made products!

Here are some pictures of how our Layout Fluids are used!

Courtesy of: Larry Meaux       

Meaux Racing Heads 

MaxRace Software

9827 LA Hwy 343,  Abbeville , LA 70510 



Beechem bringing out seat definition while blending...  Beechem does not attract dirt as much as Dykem!


Thanks again for a great product!




Dennis Wheet Jr.

Air Flow Development




(717) 887-4666

If you need some head work done get hold of Dennis at the website, email, or phone number above. 

Thanks for the comments Dennis!!


W.B Says....

"Beechem layout fluid is the best layout fluid ever! 

It makes 'Dykem' look like fingernail polish."

Me so happy... 12 pack of Beechem Layout Fluid. After you use this, you quickly realize Dykem SUCKS!

Showroom Hours
Mon.- Fri. 9-5:30
Sat. 12-4
Call (231) 861-2165

Free gift wrapping!

Cash In on the Gold Rush!

Gold prices are nearly at an all-time high!

Your jewelry box may be holding many dollars worth of treasure.

Now is a good time to convert your old, broken and unwanted jewelry into cash.

We pay the highest prices and we have a 46 year reputation of honesty and integrity. 

So, please call us at (231) 861-2165

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